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Madison Washington - Code Switchin' EP

by Madison Washington

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    Madison Washington - Code Switchin' EP.

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CODE SWITCHIN' And so now the whole premise is To be the absolute antithesis And spit that absolute permanent Limitless= no gimmick shit Now all of this contemporary madness Ain’t nothing but bad slave habits Me? I’m on my Northstar bop My main medium and apparatus Is to keep it contrary to the pop Inspire you to ask if the path is massive enough ((((((( Watch )))))))) I’m in that Senufo, Fang mask Tellin you bout the path Code switchin in and out of they grasp I’m in that multidimensional Denyin all the physical And going into what God has Planned= No corpse no man More than that? You sore from rap? I bring the score= Opera, facts Slick Rickin in the mirror No Snow White Bruce Leroy= Nigga-glow bright Fuck it glow worm= Nigga-night light No cartoon post cocoon= Cicada Birdy spit razors All force Yoda no lasers Big Daddy’s swag Suspenders, slacks, blazers, And a 44 mag in the bag Code switchin Zone gettin thick He twitchin you betta split No forgettin we at war we in the trench He go Neo walk up in ya crib in a trench Talkin bout Yaaaat dat dah dat dow Yaaaat dat dah dat dow Yo, this is not gangsta This is that thank ya For pushin my button I been in construction I been in the lab I been with the muhfuckin pen and the pad I been in that, “They ain’t give me what a nigga wanted to have” I been in that “I’m getcha do the math” I been in that “Fuck ya face blow that in half” I been in that “Richard Pryor= all fire no laughs” Yaaaat dat dah dat dow Yaaaat dat dah dat dow (((((( Code Switchin ))))))) Yo, I ain’t never cut dope I’m that field nigga, though Ain’t never been no cutthroat Unless it was masters… Cut ropes No fruit stranger Even before them straps had them chambers I prevent the fear from turnin into frustration into anger In me in you and even in the doppelganger I bring all of that fire= Kramer Explode ovens, “He was talkin bout all the shit in the coven” Who knows? Young mystic Hang with warlocks and witches They don’t wanna know which glitch is The one that’ll get em in danger Who shot who? Who the one who framed ya? Who the one that came through with media to blame ya? He got Cecil’d, huhn? They maimed him I went Taylor, huhn? I played them Keys they ain’t never heard and never wanna hear Just to make ya frequency switch different gears I am not in years, I am not in math I am something else that these fuckas cannot grasp I am in that question that they scared to ask I am in that weapon that they scared to blast I am code switchin like that wino Who got shine though when he downs the flask Code switchin like Shango Brandishin the Ax {Chorus}
monarchy 04:20
monarchy I never been into royalty And they ain’t never been into me I never been into royalty And they ain’t never been into me I never been into royalty And they ain’t never been into me I never been into royalty And they ain’t never been into me Yo, I am no king I am a traveler Intergalactic web unraveler Ixchel speak in spells to me I arrived here through the Shen ring (Oooooo oui, ooooooo lala) We? No I am not he Not the Last Dragon No I’m not braggin Like that, I’m what Enoch feared would happen I disappeared then came right back Appearin mad hipster Baldhead Moorish beard Lookin all weird (Ambiguous mixtures) Never celebrate them murderous characters Known as the monarchies {Chorus} I am not a street dude No hood fantasies I am he who Seeped through the fabric Many years ago In Spanish Harlem When I was weavin ((( Khemetic magic )))))) Sage on mine spittin Sumerian lines While most my friends was flashin off white lines Abusin they mind I was in the center of them salt circles Going A.A.= all alchemy Drinkin that purple= I was on my Abramelin Doin that Saint Germain, Magellan Drunk as Sun House yellin On Howling Wolf hecklin Dionysius So capricious= about my fight with tomorrow=Apollo {Chorus} If you knew me when I was all political You know ain’t nothin changed Except I revitalized my vehicle As if I was off needles in reverse Used to always be on my astral Until I met a Taurus Hathorin now I’m down to earth, planet Branchin out goin back to the grain I own a plantation and a mine I call it my body and brain 120s 360s I be teachin them thangs My students be like, I googled you I be like, Cloak up. This is not a game I have no regrets my stress is strategy I’ve made an ally of my anxiety Got a variety of jewels that I can offer My art is my children God bless my god daughter Best rapper alive is her father (((((( WHAT UP T ?)))))) The truth be We was in the future in the past= Shen Rings We travelled through those multidimensional gashes Laughs is our spaceship- Dick Gregory’s face is the face of god And that’s just basic mathematics And the monarchy has this Locked up That’s why they feed their gods gold And enslave us for energy control {Chorus}
Lotus In The Slums Ain’t no rules for us= Contradiction Only rule was bust= Provide prescriptions Even if no audience listen= Glisten glow Even if ya by ya self in the mirror let ya otha self know That you the beast of the show Turn the lights on, lights out Bloody Mary, Candyman, Suicide bomber= don’t stand near me I’m in the church goin verse for verse with God’s mamma Rebirth= Coya, Isis, Yemaya, Mary All my goons in the trap hear me Fuck that, all my alley cats is really Jaguars, pumas, lions, cheetahs, hyenas No theory= Dennis Leary before the agent I’m in dead end bar going pagan Now they want organization? That’s Nancy Reagan, “Just say no.” Even the wind blow= Dolphy I’m in Peru Ilatecha steppin loftly Ya ya ya lost me –No. They wanna teach me How to control the force= Wan Obi Tell Bird to control the horse I’m Don Quixote & C.S. Lewis Bout to lose it doin that great dope movement Yo, push it up then push it down I got no muscles= all I got is a vibrant crown {Chorus} We goin lotus in the slum sun We goin lotus in the slum sun We goin lotus in the We goin lotus in the slum sun We goin lotus in the slum sun We goin lotus in the I’m beyond a monster Play games= Contra Kill me? I’ll haunt ya Come back as a priestess of Tantra This beast is beyond Ayahuasca The goddess that I build with heal shit No mantra, no surgery-she speak to me often= all urgency Like, “Tell em what I tell ya but don’t ever ask why” I never ask. She say, “You know your path= Save Zelda, Brunehilde - fuck it, Esmerelda Fuck it, Oshun awaken Pannonica from her new cocoon Go in Billie Holiday= no spoon, Oshun these muhfuckas in between the new moons I do Dune spice mélange= My word is my bond Raise the maze jank all them eaters from her path I’m Hiroshima if no bomb had blown that up Imagine life with no Vietnam war, Sun Yo, I’m in the after effects of a religion That killed all of the children of the God’s children To make us respect (((( THE WAR ON GODS )))))) They won- but not really cuz we one, now So every 1 as long I’m goin Sun y’all go Sun- But now… {Chorus}
I’m Cloaked Up Y’all gone make me come out my cloak I’m Cloaked Up Y’all gone make me come out my cloak I’m Cloaked Up Y’all gone make me come out my cloak I’m Cloaked Up (Then I’ma just come out my throat) It’s the return of them healers Call us anything ya want But never ever call us drug dealers Call us when you get that sickness And you will get this Condor fitness No filters, I’m young Ibis= Mejor Endless premise senor I spit significant remnants Of all those things that you’re Made of, I rock in clubs For them original doctors Them communers of them in between worlds Playin astral soccer Neither boy nor girl all stone Turquoise flesh obsidian bones Silver hair, gold eyes- no flesh Chewin on Iboga drinkin Pisca Coca Our audience is all on that Ayuwhasca We Cloaked Up We Cloaked Up {Chorus} This ain’t music This is auditory agriculture Go green movement Them mountain monks to high to come down But when they do you know they bring profound Condor Ibis information Killin all them vultures bringin back the sanctions Of that actual pterodactyl Exposin ancient fractals You know we always destroy crowns And false priesthoods that think they down Just cuz the beads rockin secrecy We talk transparently Quartz brain obsidian main Neural activity all gains Networkin We know that death hurts men That’s for certain But it ends nothin Heaven is a mindstate you can activate By pushin that Neter button The Neter button It’s not for nothin The Neter button It’s not for nothing {Chorus}
Travellers Cloak Travel with me= Cloak Travel with me= Cloak Travel with me= Cloak Travel with me= cccccc cloak (x2) Grafitti on the mudhut No armor= ancient jewels gettin dug up We all farmers= Earth god love us Cave dwellas Swamp yellas You know the endgame is The end of all games those fellas Who tell ya any different Is doin all they can to prevent the shift when Myth-men mix in To this current paradigm= To dare the times of now To do that ancient dance of the cosmic cow Bow, before them charged boulders= Door’s Ways Knock and stomp 3 times before the mountain explores The standin wave and lets you in Understand that these are not caves {chorus} Yo, I’m in my travelers cloak Spittin naked language= hope Sacred gang shit= nope? Hunter Society= quote Silence is the key to get goin, gone Listen and watch and in between the distance of Action and thought The movement of a pawn Horus bringin forth dawn In a fraction of a fraction That which lives will not And so on, But real talk Sealed with chalk= Charcoal crossed Heart of gold false= Children of the lost Tribe know the basic instructions before leaving earth is no jive And so we no die= We go beehive All for the natural queen See thee five eyes of the first machine If we are really hybrids androiding Why are we avoiding that unseen programmer That’s why I do no grammar I am really all commands: Forward slash kiss my ass you can get the hand {Chorus}
iAncient 05:49
iAncient Who them cats? Them them cats That do that Mystic rap And the tracks Is made by that Man named monkz That man named monkz Yo, iAncient So, iSanction Sankofa To bring ya back to them days before the Motorola Before that iPhone Me? iZone Back to that 4track Tascam Bedrock Bambam Eyes roam= to keep an eye out for them rollers Sammy D= Dinosaur= Empire in the war Who more moor than me? Zaryeb When I breethe y’all Gs who be 33s get 44s Milarepa rap= Hafiz= Y’all freeze= to them knees= Prostrate Freestyle= no mind= no crown Who great? Who cares= The child of 89 So frown up for that what? Boogie Down Nobody’s smiling= Ancient wild stylin Time travel spit gravel= Akhenaton profilin {Chrous} While them other cats get to wildin Tyring to aim and shoot I rock divine attributes Of what ya can’t compute Burn and loot until them fuckers turned him loose Turned it up= Even when we burnt to dust All medium comedians sunset Pryor To that one bet that destroyed the devil Sun Ra of this rap shit= Mr. Robot hack shit Yeah I’m on that level= Egg of Ra cracked it Nephilim Too Tall Mack shit= God body in the Cadillac see the fact is= North Oakland, New York, London, Berlin, Paris Stay on that black shit= Luxor, rock Thor, Dogon Seraphim cherish, rap is not for the muthafuckas who ain’t Sphinxing- I’m internet linked in= Myths & Legends. I am what the priests seek in their reverend= Enter atmosphere Nigga Shine I land on the beet and do the nine= Sunman Came to beast master= Conan. {Chrous}



“…If you’ve not got ‘Code Switchin” yet consider it an essential part of your exit-pass from 2017. Superb.” – DJ MAG Hip Hop Single Of The Month October 2017..

“[Code Switchin’] It’s by @mad_wash @DefPresse – bit addicted to it myself ;)” –Nemone Metaxas BBC6 19 May 2017

“Code Switchin showcases beats from the tailored UK producer that man monkz who has worked with names like Eric Rico and Toddla T. Like all the best concept projects, Code Switchin stands out from a sea of inept white noise. In fact, with its nod to old skool sensibilities it is the verbals that shine in Code Switchin. Of course, we know that rap and poetry are synergic disciplines. With the Paris based wordsmith Malik, the synergies are glaring. His slightly gravely vocals reminiscent of Wu Tang in their pomp blare out in gorgeous tailored syntax.”-Itchy Silk

“New York-Yorkshire monopoly Madison Washington show the power of non-conformity on the ‘Code Switchin’ EP, a half dozen shake up where Malik Ameer and thatmanmonkz keep their cool when mixing rolling funk and flows, and creating scenes with arch alchemy.” –Rapture & Verse

“On Madison Washington’s distinctive ‘Code Switchin’, Malik Ameer is on wheat/chaff sorting duties with a gravelled larynx unafraid to put it on the Ritz, with thatmanmonkz planing down a double bass on the boards until it’s dagger sharp. ” –Monolith Cocktail

Madison Washington, the duo from New York and Sheffield is Malik Ameer, an emcee from California/New York and producer/DJ thatmanmonkz from Sheffield, England.

Malik Ameer is an established emcee in the experimental rap/jazz scenes of California and NYC. An internationally published poet that also hosts and curates Poets Live in Paris, France (the oldest running Anglophone reading series in Paris). As a producer and emcee, Malik’s worked with Leron Thomas, Jamika Ajalon, Jonathan Finlayson, Lorin Benedict, Josh Jones, Daniel Belquer, Otayo Dubb, Bayonics and Balance. He is the founder and editor for several lit journals in New York and Paris as well as writing for the likes of The Rumpus, PANK, Maintenant 11, Multiracial Media, and Onslaught Press.

thatmanmonkz deejays internationally and has found critical acclaim with several of his house tracks on his label Shadaleaf Records as well as his most recent album ‘Columbusing’. Working alongside artists such as Ta'raach, Erik Rico, Dave Aju, Nikki O, Pete Simpson, Khalil Anthony, Toddla T, Serocee…

Code Switchin’ marks an adventure into the duo's love of Hip-Hop. A thoroughly modern sound with a respectful glance at Hip-Hop’s past.


released June 23, 2017

Madison Washington - Code Switchin' EP
Def Pressé

1) Code Switchin' (North Star Bop)
2) monarchy
3) Lotus In The Slums
4) Cloaked Up
5) Travellers Cloak
6) iAncient

All tracks Written and Produced in New York, Paris, and Sheffield by Madison Washington.

Vocals by Malik Ameer.
Music by thatmanmonkz.
Additional instrumentation on 2,6 by Malik Ameer.
Guitar on 5 by Matt Fidler.
Outro skit on 4 by Vooda and The Enlightened Child.
Outro skit on 6 by Asukaya Bailey.
Mastered by Leon Atter for B.A.M.
Cover Art by Alex Deforce.
Designed by Tom Dryden

All rights reserved – Def Pressé


all rights reserved



Madison Washington Paris, France

Madison Washington is the brainchild of thatmanmonkz, a DJ/producer from Sheffield, England, and Malik Ameer, a rapper/poet from Oakland, California now living in Paris, France.

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